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Heritage Museum Ambalavayal

ambalavayal2This Museum lies at a distance of 12 km from Sultan Bathery and displays items related to tribal communities. A tribal-life oriented museum. Potteries of Megalithic Age, musical instruments, bangles, ear ornaments and hunting traps bows and arrows, stone weapons, musical instruments, bangles, ear ornaments and hunting traps. are the major items on display. The collections mainly are from all over Wayanad region .This is considered as one of the best Heritage Museums in Kerala. The Museum is open between 9 am to 6 pm.

Pazhassi Rajah Tomb

pazhassiPazhassi Rajah tomb is a memorial of the Pazhassi Raja who was seen as the lion of Kerala. He had a command over the entire regime. Pazhassi rajah organized a guerrilla type of warfare against the British in ancient days and he is remembered for his valor. In remembrance of him, the mortal remains rest in the Pazhassi rajah tomb. Pazhassi rajah tomb is situated in the wayanad district at Mananthavady. He was cremated in 1805 after the warfare against British east India Company. There is a small museum too


muniaraexcavations at various points around the foot of the Ambukuthi Hill have unearthed a distinctive series of ancient burial vaults commonly called Muniyaras. Remnants of Stone Age tools and pottery found within these cellars are now displayed at the Wayanad Heritage Museum

Chain Tree

chaintreeThis large Ficus tree, bound by a prominent chain is the source of a dramatic local legend. As the tale goes, an Adivasi youth named Karinthandan was instrumental in guiding a British Engineer through the difficult mountain terrain into Wayanad. Eager to take credit for the discovery, the engineer conveniently killed his guide, whose soul according to the legend constantly haunted subsequent travelers. It is further believed that a priest chained the troublesome spirit onto this tree.