Wayanad Tribes

One of the important characteristic feature of Wayanad district is the large adivasi population. Wayanad is considered as the tribal area around 36% of population sharing

  • Adivasis
  • Adiyas,
  • Kattunayakans,
  • Kurichiyans,
  • Mudugan,
  • Paniyas,
  • Paliyan,
  • Uraali Kurumas

Some of them are live on the dense forests of Waynad & few live in the nearby places of these forests. Their language is a mixture of all Dravidian languages Many of them are not educated.

Adiyas known as Ravulayar is the slave sects in Wayanad. Kurichiyans are an agricultural tribal community and are now educationally and economically better compared to the traditional Kurichians. Kattunayakans known as Ten Kurumar are the kings of jungle region & also worship Hindu deities Uraali kurumas known as Bet Kurumas is one of the rarest artisan tribes in Waynnad.They are most colorful tribal people found in Wanda. Pandas who were the bond laborers once, were sold by the landlords They have all the physical features of a hill tribe. They worship the deity called Kali & also the banyan trees. Mutagen who live in the deep forests of Wayland are mostly educated. They normally do agriculture ,breeding bees for honey. Playing who are advise Dravidian people have now become the traders of forest products.
Now a days, government has implemented new policies & programmes for the development of these tribes.