Wayanad Kelu Vaidyar

Wayanad Kelu Vaidyar

Wayanad Kelu Vaidyar 

The misty mountains and greenery, this is what welcomes every traveller who enters Wayanad in Kerala. The folk etymology of the word Wayanad says it is a combination of Vayal (paddy field) and Naad (land), making it the land of paddy fields.
There are many tribes in this area and actually the story of Wayanad is the story of tribals. The tribes can be prominently classified into Paniyas, Adiyas, Kattunayakans, Kurichiyans,Kurumas,Ooralis, UraaliKurumas etc. These tribes still believe and practise their traditional medicines which involve a variety of wild herbs.

Keluvaidyar of Kattikulam belong to the Kurichya tribe and he is famous for their traditional way of treatment based on wild herbs.Kartikulam is situvated nearest town In mananthavady , Kartikulam has now developed into a small city. Keluvaidyar, a new generation tribal healer, is a famous medical practitioner in the locality, and close to 1500 patients visit him a week.
He is famous for the treatment of All type of diceses.

The Vaidyar has patients from Kerala,outside Kerala and abroad. They include celebrities and sports persons.
Workers assist him in the preparation of medicines in a small facility attached to his dispensary.

How to reach

MANANTHAVADY -MYSORE ROAD – KARTTIKKULAM TOWN 10 KM then take left towards panavally road 1.5 km place name called kalikolly

Location Map


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227 thoughts on “Wayanad Kelu Vaidyar”

  1. HI All,

    My Name is Sambit and my brother is suffering from psoriasis
    I came to hear that here all types of treatment are done and the doctor is also very good.
    Can this be treated in this place.Please advise me on this as this is very important for my family and this disease is spreading to the whole body and i very scared for my brother.
    Please anybody kindly reply back.

    Thanks and Regards,

  2. Is there a treatment for hair loss

  3. Hi sir I am suffering from piles. Is there any remedy to cure it? I am totally disturbed. Please help me

  4. sir please help me, one of my uncle is on death bed. He is in a final stage of cancer. Doctors declared that only two days he will live. Do u have solution for this. Please help us sir.
    My contact no:9843549727, 7034043852

    • Hello vinodh did u get Waynand vaidar Medicines for cancer?
      if yes were they effective?
      Reply ,b’coz we too have the same problem as your uncle did

  5. is there any treatment of infertility?

  6. is there any treatment for mind


    • I paralysis patient am going treatment.. i talk Telugu and Hindi .. kelu vaidyar doctor & any one work person speak not speak Telugu & hindhi. language pls tell me sir
      I am from Telangana
      cell no:-9000939891

  8. is hypopituitarism curable?

    • Any medicine for heppatic B chronic from birth. It is for my daughter 30yrs. She has never effected with any type of jaundice till date. Because of this she is unable to go abroad to join her husband. We hails to Pandalam. My number : 9846651709 (watsapp too)

  9. i need the details of this Ayurvedic center like accommodation for the people come from out of state.

  10. Can we see the vaidiyar on Friday’s.

  11. I am suffering neck pain last 7 year.now I have both hands and back pain problem.too many doctors are visited same problem. Next which types doctors to go I don’t know. Pls help me +918157908408

  12. sreejith raghav April 25, 2016 at 7:51 pm

    any curable for chronic prostatitis ,

  13. Did he have treatement for multiple sclerosis ( auto immune disorder ) .

    • Hi nishin
      Im also suffering from ms disorder.
      Hve any effectful treatmnt frm anybody.
      Plz let me know if any useful infrmtn abt ths disease.
      My phn 7012874235

  14. sir, ente aniyanu 2014 left kidneyil stone vannu 12 mm 7mm surgeriyiloode maatti.athinu sesham veendum same kidniyil stone vannu same mm.ethu engane maattaam.please give a reply …ur contact number 8129284824

  15. Narasimha reddy March 7, 2016 at 8:18 am

    Sir Can You Treat Stomach Cancer with Metastasis .. Need your help sir Please respond as soos as possible sir ..thankyou

  16. does the vaidyar have any medicine for kids diabetic because my 12 years old daughter is taking insulin twice a day we are worried about this so please help us

  17. My closest relative aunt is suffering from cancer in liver…. Bile duct…. Doctor say it is untreatable…. Plz tell if bringing her to the vaidya will bring any hopes….

  18. Hi ,

    I have a acid reflux problem for past 1.5year … all medical treatments are make me get worst…pls any one could help with this… i am from chennai… Is thr any treatment for this in Kelu Vaidiyar Sir.

    Pls help with this friends…

    • My wife is suffering from liver cancer since one year and she is suffering from liver cirohsis also . Can I bring her there. Please reply urgently. She is 68 years.

  19. thank you dear friends

  20. saw a t v programe last week on vaidyar. really wonderful. dont spoil them.

  21. does he give a tretment in ulcerative colitis.pls replay

  22. Dear all,

    I have been there few times..any assistance needed ..pls feel free to contact me [email protected]

  23. I happened to cunsult an adhivasi vaidyar for a treatment in nedumpoil near aralam farm. i was very eager in finding out what this leaves and stem were.so i joined together and found the leaves and stem. This was cut with.scissors.my grandfather was an ayurvedic physician.He is nomore. I seriously want to help
    this adhivasi herbal knowledge . The. Plant i have seen in the photo was named after warrier kottakal as gymnostacchyum warrieranum.Its healing insight has come from tribals,so the credit has to go to them. The scientist identified the plant from aralam forest which is near to nedumpoil. Like minded people have to respond to its injustice .Please see this plant in …

  24. Any one treated gynac problem plz Inform it me

  25. Does any one know if this Doctor has treated for COMPLEX REGIONAL PAIN SYNDROM (CRPS) Or RSD or Causalgia. My wife is suffering from this nerve pain which is diagnosed as above. She has been in treatment to last two years with all tablets but no use till now.
    Can any one please help me.
    Thanks in advance,

  26. Any one treated for ILD (Interstitial Lung Disease) from Kelu Vaydhyar. If, please let me know about the treatment and how its effective?

  27. Does he treatment for migraine headache

  28. Does he give treatment for infertility.

  29. I am suffering from piles problem for the last 2 years doctor advice for surgery do you medicine for that kindly advice

  30. i am suffering a lot because of lipoma. i have more than hundered faty tumers in my body..so is there any medicine for lipomas…pls tell me..

  31. Hi,
    My brother is suffering from non hodgkins lymphoma, we are from chennai. If any body knows if this Doctor treats this particular disease will be of great help… We tried calling the contact number but no response…
    Kindly advise???

  32. Dear My Wayanad,

    I am searching web for a good doctor who would treatment my skin problem which I am facing from past 10 years. I came across this site and felt that I need to contact the Kelu Vaidyar garu and is the only one who would cure my problem. I want to know if I can consult him over phone and get medicines through courier as it is very difficult for me to come to Wayanad to meet him in person.

  33. I am suffering ACL(Anterior crucidate Ligment) Tear. Can i Cure this problem with the treatment of Kelu Vaidyar.Anybody Help Me?

  34. I had been treated for back pain problem from kelu vaidyar… the best treatment ever.. im perfectly fine now

  35. am searching for a tribal medicinal treatment for hair loss or baldness, any possible treatments from kelu vaidyar or any other vaidyars from wyanad?

  36. Going through the above comments it is likely to make an impression that any body can simply book the vaidyar over phone. The fact is that there is no telephonic booking. Even without providing the facility for telephonic booking there would be unmanageably heavy rush. The best option would be simply to be there by early morning (say 8.30/9.00) and note down your name in the paper kept at the counter. It will be only for those included in the list that chit will be given. If we are not present at the time of calling our names for issue of chit in the letter head we will lag correspondingly. Just get down in Mananthavady (Wynad). From the bus stand you will get Kattikulam bus for Rs 10/ (Just 8 KMs). You will have to catch an auto to reach the vaidyar. Just tell them the destination as Kelu Vaidyar. They will charge only 25/- There is treatment for any ailment. Just a visit to the place will convince any body of the wonderful treatment provided there.

    • Useful info sir..

      • I have done cabg 5yrs back. now I have a clotting in the left leg and 84% plaque in the right leg. I am also diabetic for 15 yrs. Now the blood circulation is very poor in the legs. Do you have treatment for this regard.pls give a reply ASAP.Also give me your contact details and consulting time.
        pk kurup


    • Many thanks dear for your valuable information.

    • Balaji Adhimoorthy February 13, 2017 at 5:33 pm

      Thank you Rahman for the useful info, appreciate your help. Yes, as you rightly told people are quite confused with too much of info. I heard that the telephonic appointments are for name sake and nothing happens.

      Mr. Rahman i will need some more info on stay, like where do we get decent accommodation with reasonable price and if it is advisable to stay outskirts of of Kartikulam. And i’m sure the food should not a be problem for vegetarians, correct me if i’m wrong?

      i will look forward to your response

      Best – Balaji Adhimoorthy

  37. Does this vaidyar have cure for MOTOR NUERON DISEASE?

  38. Santhosh kattikkulam August 8, 2014 at 12:21 pm

    Full address of vaidyar.
    Eck parambariya Ayurveda herbal medical treatment
    E c kelu vaidyar
    Karttikkulam (po)
    Kerala -670646
    Very good treatment ..

  39. vaibhav somani June 28, 2014 at 10:18 pm

    Does the vaidyar have treatment for sinus problems too..??

  40. does the vaidyar have treatment for sinus problems?

  41. Hi,

    Does this Vaidyar treatment for scoliosis? I am looking for this information for my 7 years old daughter.


    • Hi,
      I too have scoliosis. It was on for me as my curve was 25degree. I have two children. Gave birth to youngest at 37.

      • Hi Manjula Rahul, Did you get scoliosis treatment for your daughter? My daughter as well has scoliosis wearing brace now and looking for alternative treatment.

    • Hi Shreedhar, Did you get scoliosis treatment for your daughter? My daughter as well has scoliosis wearing brace now and looking for alternative treatment.

  42. Sir/Mam

    Can you please give me the complete address and contact info of keluvaidyar..
    I will be really grateful to you


  43. kindly update kelu vaidyars contact details for visiting purposes …

  44. By any chance will he be visiting Trivandrum?

  45. Kypilly Mahesh Unni May 28, 2014 at 11:26 am

    Does this Kelu Vaidyar of Wayanad has treatment for slip disc , disc prolapse , sciactica , Disc degeneration & bone marrow treatment. I have been suffering from this ridiculous disease for the past 16 years. If So when is he available in his locality.

  46. I and my wife got treated by Kelu vaidyar, for spondolytis and backbone/neurological problem for my wife. We consulted the specialists at Apollo, Govt.Hospital KR, a specialist in Baby Memorial at calicut, some neurologists. All of them advised immediate surgery, but my wife was against surgery since she has seen a few, after surgery they are bedridden. Some friends who happened to visit my house came to know about the problem and they advised to get treated by Mr.E.C.Kelu vaidyar of Kattikulam, waynad district. At first i did not believe since the specialists with latest techniques and knowledge advised surgery and i thought what best this advasi vaidyar could do. Finally we decided an went to kattikulam and stayed there for about 3 months and got treated. It is really wonderful the treatment worked and my wife is without surgery.

    • Can i get kelu vaidyans contact no. Pls

    • kindly give the address and contact details. So that I can take my friend whose life is hopeless because of psoriasis…

    • H Ashok Kumar June 15, 2016 at 5:38 pm

      Dear Mr Raghu,

      I am looking for a treatment of a problematic ankle for a friend. In spite of the best of treatments , the progress has been very slow. Would like to know your experience and your suggestions for the same. My friend lives in US and I do not want to end up troubling him if I am not sure about the healing capability of the treatment. Can you pl guide.


    • Dear friend Raqhu i need you help Im from AUSTRALIA and Ido not know any one in Kattikulam to get treated by KELU VAIDYER in my case possibly treatment can over 3 months. is is easy to sty in Kttikulam over 3 months as you stated with your wife please let me know some details. appreciated your help.

    • Dear Raghu –
      I saw your feedback.. Does the Vaidyar prescribe ayurvedic medicines or readymade herbal medicines of hjs own preparation stock.. Or does he ask us to prepare these medicines at home.. Can you share us how is the Vaidyar’s treatment method..
      Also, how long did it take to cure spondylitis…


      • Suma Ramakrishnan January 7, 2017 at 12:58 pm

        My elder mother had mild mass effect in brain (Scanning Report – Well defined, lobulated, extra-axial, borad dural based, parafalcine lesion of – 4x3x2.5cm in right parietal region. Lesion is hperintenseon T2 and hypointence on T1 with homogeneous post of contrast enhancement – Atypical meningioma likely) Can this Cure this problem with the treatment of Kelu Vaidyar.Anybody Help Me?

      • Pls send your contact no…Mr Arun

    • Hello sir
      I am mridul Sarkar. I stay in Mumbai. My mother is suffering from similar problem for last year and a half. If you could please help me out with how was the treatment and was it effective? I have heard about kelu vadiyar. And also planning to take my mother there. So if you could tell us your experience. It would be a great help from you. And also how to reach there from Kerala or any nearest railway station.
      Looking forward to hear from you.

    • Hi Raghu, Could you pls. provide your email ? Would like to know about the details of treatment taken? I have 10 yr old daughter diagnosed with Scoliosis and looking for an treatment. Appreciate your help.

  47. Resently I have visited Wayanad. Its an amazing place I have ever seen.. Kuruva deep is more attractive place .. I just visit vaidyar place near karttikulam. Lots of people are visiting there.. I want to visit Wayanad mansoon season this year..
    Mohan Gupta

  48. very good treat ment

  49. When he is available?


  50. mahesh heramath March 15, 2014 at 12:26 pm

    I am really exited with Wayanad. Its have lots of beautiful places must visit.. Last month I had visited this vaidyar and his treatment is very effective and no side effect .. Its gods touch healing.. I really thankful to vaidyar and Wayanad.
    Mahesh herameth

    • Does this vaidyar have a cure for neurological problems?

      • Yes sir, he have treatment for All type of diseases.
        just contact directly..

        • Does Kelu Vaidhyar has a remedy to psoriasis. Is there any patients how got fully recovered from this disease .please reply me sir. Actually I am planning to come there Wayanad. I am working in Bangalore. Can I come and take the medicine from vaidhyar this weekend. And can u please share the contact no to Mine number : 7204653577

      • yes …….he is treating not only neurological problems but even for cancer, sugar patient etc…and it is very effective.

        • Anil K, Mathew May 19, 2015 at 12:53 pm

          Hi Friend
          I’m Anil Mathew from New Delhi,
          can you give Kelu Vaidyar’s contact number

        • You have the contact no of VIDAIER

          Moncy 9895933377

        • Hi All,
          My Father is a cancer patient , Can you pls tell me more about Vellan Vaidyar, How to reach him , And If I get down at Kozikode airport , How to reach Wayanand.
          Do we need to take any token before reaching the clinic.
          And how many patient he review in a day .
          I am coming from Delhi do I get any preference , because I cannot feed my father out side food.
          So I need to go back after taking medicines from the Doctor.

          If any one can help me in this regard then I will very great ful to you…..
          Nilesh Sharaf


            THANKING YOU
            SHAJI KALLAI

        • Hi, I am thinking of giving this treatment for my mother. She is suffering from pain in feets & under the nails. They have branch in Ernakulam?

      • Have you visited Kelu vaidyar? How was the treatment… does he give treatment for chronic pain.??

        Appeciate your early response to my mail id [email protected]

        Thanks in advance

      • Yes he do have.now I’m in kattikulam…under his treatment…if any body needs any help you please contact me 9539130803

    • vaibhav somani June 29, 2014 at 10:45 pm

      Sir,I just want some more Information about kelu vaidyar.can I get your email address so that I can contact you

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